Underfloor heating systems

More and more people are opting for a floor heating because it offers both comfort and optimum efficiency. With underfloor heating you get an optimal temperature distribution in your living and working environment.
Of course, aspects such as energy savings and the conscious handling play a role in our environment. Underfloor heating systems work as a low temperature system more energy efficient than eg conventional radiators. For efficient use of geothermal heat pump and a low-temperature radiant heating systems are even a prerequisite.
The distribution of the heat runs with underfloor heating from floor to ceiling, on body height, the temperature is therefore most comfortable. In addition, under-floor heating reduces the risk of formation of dust mites and reduces dust circulation. An ideal solution for people with allergy problems or asthma.
With underfloor heating you get the convenience and benefits of underfloor heating in existing buildings – with reasonable installation effort and at attractive terms.

What does the underfloor heating for additional benefits?

  • Easy to retrofit a surface heating in the refurbishment / renovation for the efficient use of a low-temperature heating or renewable energy, such as heat pumps, geothermal and solar thermal installations in existing or old building.
  • Existing radiators in your living room can be removed. This is not only beautiful, efficient and hygienic, but also save space.
  • The underfloor heating is installed dust-free and ready usually in just one day per unit.
  • By milling the existing screed no additional height of the soil caused by the underfloor heating. -for A single floor level.
  • Energy saving! The temperature can be set 1 to 2 degrees lower by the near-surface of the heating pipes than conventional underfloor heating.
  • The old line must not be removed and disposed of, which saves time and money.
  • The top coat work can be done directly in connection without waiting time.
  • Easy connection to the underfloor heating e.g. existing high-temperature radiator connections with the JK Beimischverteiler.